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You’ll NEVER Guess The Age Of This Woman

Can you get this age of this woman?

41-year-old Lure Hsu has become an internet sensation overnight after the youthful looking Taiwanese woman revealed her age to the public.

At first glance, Ms Hsu looks no older than a teenager, but she is in fact about to celebrate her 42nd birthday.

Constantly sharing images of herself with her 238k Instagram followers, Lures wrinkle free appearance is often met with speculation of costly surgeries,

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But the trendy interior designer insists her youthful appearance simply comes from drinking water regularly and eating vegetable every day.

She also recommends lots of sunscreen and moisturizer.

“After your skin is tanned, it will become dry. Freckles and small wrinkles would appear,” she said.

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Lure also admits that she take nutritional supplements every day, including Vitamin C pills and collagen, to help maintain glowing skin.


Image source: Instagram

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