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Woolworths Customers Left FURIOUS As Promo Goes Wrong

Parents are getting angry over the lack of Woolworth’s Marvel Heroes Super discs after it has left many children distraught.

The shortage of the 42 discs has led to angry shoppers flooding the supermarkets Facebook page after the discs started to appear on eBay for $90.

Several parents have said they cannot get their hands on discs 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36.

One customer posted on Woolworth’s Facebook page saying Woolies. This is disgusting. People aren’t stupid. Everyone can’t need the same numbers and you tell us they are not rare.“We have been to swap day and been told as much. It’s not fair that the children are not given an opportunity to complete their set.”

Julia said: “You create constant crazes that get children involved yet it brings constant disappointment.”

Woolworths marketing manager Rod Evenden said “The Hulk disc is one of seven discs in the collection that are more limited than the others in the 42-disc collection — but they are actually still in plentiful supply, with more than one million of each in circulation,”

“The characters featured on those seven discs have the highest attributes (strengths, speed, durability etc) in the Marvel Universe,” he said.

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