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Women Have Been Drinking 'Placenta Smoothies'

Warning: Graphic image below. 

Kathryn Beale, 41, a mother from Swindon has been making other mothers raw placenta smoothies. 

She has been putting 8cm long pieces of their fresh placenta into a blender with fruit and juices for them to drink. 


Now she is being investigated by health officials. Her local council is concerned about hygiene standards, but has failed to get court permission to halt the business. 

She told the BBC, "I understand that they have to make sure that all food business are running safely." 

"I think they have been a bit overzealous in trying to shut me down without doing a full inspection. I believe that I do it safely."


As well as making the smoothies, she also turns placenta into capsules which can be swallowed over time.


The encapsulation costs roughly $300 and the smoothie $40. 


People have been known to eat their own placenta after birth to boost their nutrient levels. It apparently increases breast milk production, lowers the risk of hemorrhaging and has also been linked to preventing postpartum depression. Many countries consider eating the placenta a crucial part of the birth process. 

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