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Is Old Sydney Town Going To Be Rebuilt?

It's fair to say for a lot of us, our childhoods weren't complete without a trip up the highway to Old Sydney Town.

Whether going on a school excursion, or maybe piling into the family sedan, taking a 'trip back in time' to Old Sydney Town with it's recreation of life for the early settlers was a rite of passage.

With it's authentic 'Ye olde' buildings and actors dressed as red coat soldiers or convicts reenacting events from the times, such as public floggings, it's a wonder more of us weren't traumatized as kids! 

Drone footage showing what The Old Sydney Town site looks like today

Now comes the news that the owner of the former theme park is willing to rebuild on the site that first opened back in 1975.

Hotel entrepreneur Richard Chiu told the Central Coast Express Advocate that he is prepared to seriously look at revamping Old Sydney Town after it closed in 2003, but only on the condition that Central Coast Council rezone 30 per cent of his surrounding landholding for residential or commercial development.

Mr Chiu said, “If the council was willing to give in principal support to rezoning a third of the land for residential purposes then we would redevelop Old Sydney Town at our own cost,”

Footage from Old Sydney Town in 1985

“I fully believe that some kind of park could work — not a museum like it was — but we can make it a heritage theme park."

“I would be happy to talk to anyone directly — we have operations in the Pacific and I come to Sydney once a year. They can call me here.”

Come on council, get on the phone and make this happen!

We want to see NIDA graduates dressed as convicts being put in the stocks and having fruit thrown at them NOW!

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