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Why Won't Woolworths Stock New Coca-Cola No Sugar?

Supermarket giant Woolworths has announced that it won't stock Coca-Cola's brand new product, Coca-Cola No Sugar.

Launched last month as a replacement for Coke Zero which is currently being phased out, Woolworths told Fairfax Media that the product wont be stocked initially.

A Woolworths spokesman said:

"We have taken the decision to not range this product at this time,"  

"Our customers looking for a no-sugar or low-sugar cola option have ample choice already in the category across a range of different pack sizes and formats."

The spokesman said in a statement that the supermarket giant continues to stock Coca-Cola Zero nationwide.

It's believed Woolworths haven't had strong demand from customers to stock the new product while Coke Zero, which launched in 2006, is still popular.

Meanwhile Coles is already selling the new Coke product and is involved in Coke's 2 million can give away to help promote the new fizzy drink.


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