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A Woman Was THROWN OUT Of Her Gym For Such a Crazy Reason

Now THIS is ridiculous. 

A student in the US was kicked out of her college gym for wearing, wait for it… her active wear.

Sarah Villafañewas revealed via a Facebook post that she was asked to leave for wearing a “crop top”.

The student had worn the same outfit on multiple occasions and received no backlash until now.

According to Sarah, she was asked by a member of the gym staff to put on a different top so as to provide her with ‘full coverage’. {Insert eye roll here}

Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there...

Sarah decided to continue her work out, but was forced out by the manager of the gym.

During this time, they changed their reasons and said she had to leave for "sanitary concerns". Umm OK... 

Naturally, the post went viral and people were NOT HAPPY.

You can read the full post below:

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