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Why This Staircase May Cost Salim Mehajer $1 MILLION Dollars

Disgraced former deputy mayor Salim Mehajer has copped a $1 million bill after a court found he had failed to pay for work done on his western Sydney home.

Prime Marble and Granite took Mehajer to court after he failed to pay almost $670,000 for construction of an over the top spiral staircase in his so-called 'marble palace'.

Mehajer didn't appear at the District Court yesterday but the case still went ahead, with the judge also ordering he pay the company's legal costs of $350,000.


Mehajer's lawyer, Penny Musgrave, was forced to withdraw from acting for him as she claimed she had difficulty getting instructions and payment from him.

Ms Musgrave emailed Mehajer on October 3 saying she was planning to cease acting for him, he replied: 'I am in Canberra following the death of my grandmother'.

Days later, he told her: 'I already paid hundreds of thousands for this matter and I wish for you to continue. You cannot just “suddenly disappear”.'

Ms Musgrave responded: 'You have not provided me with any other instructions.... This is the reason why I must seek leave to withdraw.'

'Contrary to the view expressed by you in an email yesterday.... the total amount charged to date is reasonable and not remotely of that magnitude.'

The judge made orders allowing Ms Musgrave to withdraw from the case and ordered Mehajer pay costs of the proceedings on an indemnity basis, a higher rate than usually applies.

Mehajer had argued the supply of material and labour for the marble work would be undertaken at 'trade rates', which the company denied.

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