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Who Is Vincent Stanford?

He's the man that's striking fear into the hearts of Australian women everywhere, debilitating us by making us afraid to go about our daily business for fear of ending up like his alleged victim, bride-to-be Stephanie Scott.

So who is this man? A cleaner at Leeton High School, Vincent Stanford is originally from Tasmania, but lived in Holland with his family before returning to Australia as an adult.

He moved into a single-storey home with his mother Anika and elder brother Luke with just a small bag of belongings each. His neighbours say that while the family was welcomed, Stanford made few friends.

Neighbour Gail Scanlan told Daily Mail Australia Stanford was a ‘big strong fellow with dark, black eyes’ who she and her husband would chat to over the fence.

His mother Anika, a qualified nurse, worked at a local nursing home and Stanford, along with his brother Luke, worked shift work, which meant that neighbours did not see the family often.

As Stanford adjusted to life in Leeton, his identical twin brother (who moved from Holland back to Australia in June 2013) settled in South Australia.

The Daily Mail reports that police have now gathered sufficient evidence to better understand who he is as a person, and his potential motives behind the alleged murder.

"We have two declared crime scenes at this point of time, but there may be others. But certainly, there is sufficient evidence for us to charge him with murder," says Detective Supt Michael Brown.

According to a report on the Daily Mail, Stanford reportedly has an obsession with online video games and neo-Nazi propaganda.

The 24-year old also is said to have an obsession with science fiction and violent video games and has created an alter ego to indulge in his online gaming world.

Described as a 'loner' even has his own YouTube account, including more than 65 videos that according to The Daily Mail, mostly consisting of videos of him playing video games.


When Stanford was arrested, he was driven past the area that Scott's red Mazda was found in, which was only metres away.

SOURCE: The Daily Mail

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