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Which Party Of Five Star Hooked Up With The Most Fans?

During the 1990's one of the biggest shows on TV was most definitely 'Party of Five'

The story of the young Salinger kids who struggle to keep their family together after their parents die in a road accident premiered back in 1994.

The shows stars became instant sex symbols and attracted plenty of attention right around the world.


But who spent the most time capitalizing on their fame by 'scoring' with their fans? 

You'd assume naturally enough that it would be one of the guys right?

Both Scott Wolf and Matthew Fox were huge teen heart throbs during the shows six series run.

However, during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Scott Wolf, who played lead Bailey, and Neve Campbell, a.k.a. Julia, revealed that Jennifer Love Hewitt who played Sarah actually cashed in the most on getting up close and personal with fans.

During a rapid-fire question segment host Andy Cohen asked them the question, and while neither said it outright, Wolf, immediately pointed to Jennifer Love Hewitt's face from a lineup of the series' stars.


Hewitt joined the series in its second year as Bailey's good-natured but tragically misunderstood girlfriend Sarah. Hewitt, then aged just 16 years, quickly rose to America's Sweetheart status.

We wonder if she'll be keen for any future reunions with her former castmates after THIS revelation?



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