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Aussie Bride Asked Her Bridesmaids To Pay For Dress

A bridesmaid has revealed how her soon-to-be married friend's demands included asking for her and the other bridesmaids to pay for the wedding gown.

A high school English teacher, known as Haley, has told Mamamia that she realised after a while, her friend was the ultimate bridezilla.

She said 'At first, I thought Carol was just a little overzealous,' she wrote, adding that the bride was looking for input on everything from hairstyles to groomsmen's outfits from her bridesmaids.

However, things came to a head when Haley received an email from the bride asking her to get together a spreadsheet with cake-maker suggestions, including price brackets, flavours and 'how prestigious the vendor is… and wanted it done on the same day.

'I felt my blood start boiling. Was she serious?!' wrote Hayley. 'I have a full-time job, for crying out loud!'

That was just the start, however after each one of the bridesmaids was told to pay $550 for their dresses, they were the sent an email with the subject line of ‘Bridesmaid dress contribution.’

The bride has found a dress worth $10,500, which was a bit over budget, so an email arrived saying 'The latest bridal update was a long email outlining how she and Jase were hugely over their bridal budget now that she’d splurged on the dress. That it was “totally fine if you can’t” but she would love if we could “pitch in” around $150 each towards her “dream dress,”

Three of the seven bridesmaids agreed to pay.

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