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We Remember The 80's TV Series Beauty And The Beast

Ahead of the forthcoming release of the live action version from Disney of Beauty And The Beast, we thought we'd take a look back at the updated version of the classic fairy tale that hit our TV screens during the 80's!

Do you remember this song from the shows intro?

First airing in 1987, this modernized version featured Terminator star Linda Hamilton playing Catherine, a New York City assistant D.A. who is mugged and left to die in Central Park.

She is rescued by Vincent, a lion-faced subterranean dweller who looked like a cross between Andre Agassi and the Paddlepop Lion.

Vincent nurses Catherine back to health, and discovers that he can telepathically sense whenever she's in danger. 


The stars pose for a publicity shot in 1988

Ron Perlman played the role of Vincent, and while it appeared a highly unlikely premise, the two characters shared a bond that captured the attention of millions of fans who helped make the show a huge ratings hit. 

Hamilton's character eventually became pregnant to Vincent (yeah, we know... GROSS!) before being killed off at the beginning of the third series.


Hamilton and Perlman in 1989

This turned out to be the final series with Catherine's death leading to a drop off in ratings which saw the network decide not to renew for a fourth series.

This was despite the show garnering a cult following and critical acclaim due to the work of writer and producer George RR Martin who went on to even greater success as the author of The Game Of Thrones novels.


Hamilton and Perlman reunite in 2011

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