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We Just Found Out Why You Should Never Feed Ducks Bread

There's something about a crisp spring day, a picnic by a lake and chucking half a loaf of slightly stale bread at some serenely paddling ducks that makes for a dreamy Saturday afternoon.

Like, we're not talking being attacked by swarms of seagulls for your hot chips or anything; this is cute, kid-friendly stuff and it makes the ducks so happy!

Except it actually doesn't, and we're straight-up killing them and how bad do you feel now?

Because we feel AWFUL; look how cute they are!


We're murderers.

The horrific news that we have been doing harm to our little duckies for YEARS came to light after a Twitter user posted a pic of a sign hanging in her local park, which thanks visitors for NOT feeding the birds.

The poster reads: "Bread makes us ill, as it does not contain the right nutrition or calories that we need to keep us warm in winter.

"Rotting bread pollutes our water and causes nasty surface algae, which kills our fish and gives us diseases.

"It even makes our water smell."

Apparently though - just like the rest of us - birds can't resist carb-loading on bread, which makes it doubly dangerous.

Understandably, the internet is not OK about this news.

It doesn't mean you have to stop feeding ducks altogether though; the sign reckons you're good to go with "half-cut seedless grapes, cooked rice, birdseed, peas, corn, oats and chopped lettuce".

At least we know what to do with our leftover rice now.

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