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Woman Grabs GINORMOUS Snake That Had Just Eaten Family Cat

An BME Electrical Services electrician received an emergency call on Monday afternoon to do a task that was a little bit out of her job description…

A family that was one of Brydie Maro’s regular customers called her out to their home in north Queensland after the noticed a massive python under their house.

And why was the snake so fat? Because it had just swallowed the FAMILY CAT!!

“I have removed snakes from her switchboard before and so she called me up and said ‘Hey we have this snake under the house and it has actually eaten the family cat,” said Ms Maro.

Thankfully, the woman had previously worked as a wildlife handler for about 15-years and so she knew what she was doing. But even so, Ms Maro was quite shocked at the size of the scrub python.

“I looked under and I could see it all coiled up like a big pile of coils and I am thinking, ‘Wow, that is a big snake’,” she said.

A video was taken of Ms Maro removing the snake from under the house and posted to her Facebook page. The shocking footage shows Ms Maro grabbing the ginormous snake with her BARE HANDS and carrying it to her work ute.

If you’re feeling brave enough take a look at the spine-tingling footage in the video above.

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