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Lost FRIENDS Episode Where Chandler Dies & Lives As A Ghost

If you’re a FRIENDS fan, no doubt you’ve seen every single episode, most probably a couple of times each.

Well, there’s one episode I think it’s safe to say you haven’t seen.

The One Where Chandler Dies.

That’s because it’s a mash-up, very cleverly created by a freelance editor/animator.


Originally envisioned as a 90-second clip, the final cut is just six minutes shy of the standard 22-minute episode and contains 125 FX shots, as well as parts from around 125 episodes of the 236 made.

In it, we see Chandler look as though he dies off camera, and we learn that that’s exactly what happened; death by ice cream truck.

It’s a little bleak and a little spooky, but entertaining all the same.

If you’re a FRIENDS fan, check it out and let us know you’re opinion…

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