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Watch This Young Mother's Recorded Message For Her Son

Hannah Mongie was just 18-years-old when she fell pregnant unexpectedly to her partner Kaden Whitney.

While the pregnancy came as a complete shock, Hanna's boyfriend then passed away suddenly in his sleep, shattering her entire universe.

In March 2016, Hannah gave birth to the couple's son, Taggart Cayden Marsh

Having already discussed the possibility of adoption with her partner before his untimely death, Hannah decided to follow through with the process to give her son his best chance at life.

After giving birth to him, she spent a precious 48-hours with her newborn son and then handed him over to his new parents, Brad and Emily Marsh. 

But before this time came, Hannah recorded a gut-wrenching video for the little boy, explaining her reasons for giving him up.

"I'm going to give you all the kisses I can before I sign you away to Brad and Emily.

"I love you Taggart Cayden Marsh. My little boy. My son. I love you so much. Love your mummy, Hannah."

Watch the beautiful and moving video below, but be warned, have the tissues ready.

"I've wanted to be a mum my whole life," Hannah told The Sun, "it was something I always knew I would do but the timing was so wrong.

"We had only been dating for two months so we knew we couldn't get married, it was too early in our relationship, even for the sake of a baby.

"We went back and forward, but eventually Kaden said that we needed to do what was best for the baby and in our case we felt like that was adoption.

"When we came to that decision together we felt an immense amount of peace about it.

"It completely shattered my world when Kaden's mum called my mum with the news that he had passed away in his sleep.

"After he died I didn't get out of bed for weeks. I didn't open the blinds.

"My parents began to get worried about me, and although they said they'd support me no matter what, they began to speak about our decision to place my baby up for adoption.

"My dad just said what Kaden and me had already talked about, that our baby deserved to wake up in his crib and have both a mum and dad there to love him.

"I was so torn about it for a while but one day I woke up and I just felt this unexplainable peace. I knew I was going to do this. It was what was best for our baby."

Thankfully, Taggart was handed over in an open adoption, meaning she was involved with the selection of the new parents.

The adoptive parents also then come to an agreement as to the level of contact between the birth mum and the baby.

Hannah now regularly babysits her son and has some gorgeous moments with the son who is now in the perfect home.

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