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WATCH: Silo Demolition In Denmark Goes REALLY Wrong


Controlled demolition videos can be some of the most awe-inspiring and strangely calming videos on the internet.  Because they remind you that it's very likely that everything is going to be okay, because many people are smarter than you, and they're very good at their job - especially those charged with the task of domesticating explosions.

And then there's this video from Vordingborg, where at 53-meter silo was due to be demolished by controlled explosion.  A crowd had gathered a safe distance away to provide the necessary "oohs", "aahs" and the polite clapping to acknowledge a job well done.

The Danish Explosives Association had done all the last-minute checks and sounded the alarm.  A big red button (or ideally T-shaped plunger) was pushed and explosions cut the silo from its base.

Initially falling the correct way (ie AWAY from the cultural centre etc), it corrects itself and eventually topples the incorrect way (ie ONTO the cultural centre etc).

Luckily, as no one was returning books at the time, there were no injuries.  The buildings have sustained some damage, and everything inside is covered in dust from the former silo.

Enjoy it from 2 different angles below!

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