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WATCH: Man Spotted Riding Magic Carpet In Sydney

Residents of Oran Park in south-west Sydney experienced a bit of magic yesterday when they spotted a modern day Aladdin riding what appeared to be a magic carpet through the streets.

People were mesmerised by the guy who appeared to be gliding on top of an Arabian style rug with many locals posting their glimpses of the man in action to social media, thanking him for the entertaining performance.

While we all want to believe in magic, of course the man in question wasn’t actually flying on the carpet. In a video later posted to a guy called Jobey’s Facebook page it can be seen that the smoke and mirrors, so to speak, was a motorised skateboard with a carpet placed carefully on top.

The only thing missing was his Princess Jasmine looking all starry eyed as he whisked her away to a ‘Whole new world’.

And in true Aussie fashion, since Jobey treated the people of Oran Park to a spontaneous magic carpet ride, many people have labelled him and legend and asked him to come back to have a beer with them!

Well we knew that Disney was making a live action version of the classic film Aladdin but we didn’t know it would be happening in our own backyard!

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