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VERY Drunk Aussie Bloke Tries To Sing You're The Voice

WARNING: This Guy Swears A LOT, But It's Very Funny

A VERY enthusiastic tradie, who may or may not have had a few quiet beverages before jumping on public transport home, has hilariously serenaded his fellow passengers with aversion of John Farnham's classic 'You're The Voice'

Video of the tradesman crouching on the floor still in his high-vis gear as he attempts valiantly to hit the higher parts of the legendary tune, has already been viewed over 140,000 times this week.

If you don’t join in, ur a softcock 📹 @jimjam_randall #farnsy

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Much to the amusement of his fellow travelers he eventually gives up saying, 'F**king hell - I can't get up,'

 'He's the voice mate. You can't get up as high as him... You can't. He's the man.'

So are you ya bloody little champion, so are YOU!

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