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Two Lads Pulled The Oldest Trick In The Book To See Movie

Everyone is familiar with the classic trench coat gag where two people try to pass themselves off as one person. The gag is so popular, it even found its way into multiple episodes of Netflix’s original series Bojack Horseman in the form of the character Vincent Adultman. 


Now, it appears that two lads have attempted to get a special two for the price of one special by suiting up in the classic getup to score a ticket to a screening of Black Panther. They even finalised the outfit with a fedora. 

Footage posted to Twitter shows the pranksters standing in line at a cinema surrounded by a crowd of snickering onlookers. However, they were turned away by the ticket clerk who had no time or patience for their tomfoolery. 

The full version of the prank also hit Twitter the following day which shows the pair putting on their outfit. 

Guess the two weren’t as convincing as good ol’ Vincent Adultman…


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