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TV Reporter Gets Vomited ON Mid-Cross

Everyone knows that a life in the spotlight is no easy feat. And for someone who's job it is to deliver serious news, the pressure of making no mistakes can sometimes be even tougher.

We've all seen the show reals that went viral of reporters who had hilarious encounters with animals, didn't realise they were live on air, stuffed up a really inappropriate sentence and couldn't stop the laughter...

I could go on and on with the list of things that made journalists from small towns go viral.

But for this one reporter, her rise to fame was not actually due to a fault of her own...and my gosh it is cringeworthy!

A reporter in California, Wendy Burch, was doing what she thought was a simple broadcast on 4th of July at an alcohol-fuelled running and swimming competition.

Known as the Ironman Run-Paddle-Chug competition, the annual meet involves participants running and swimming a mile, before downing a six pack.

Though she really should have known better than to get up close and personal with intoxicated athletes...During the live crossover, one person VOMITED on her!

Burch had set up an interview with a large man to discuss his preparation for the event. Little did she know that this would be the move that would lead to a disgusting surprise.

"What I didn't notice until later, is that he had a bullseye drawn on his back with the words 'puke here' written in magic marker", recalled Buch.

"And wouldn't you know it? Someone took him up on the offer right during the middle of my live report, much to the chagrin of me, our anchors and anyone in Southern California who may have been eating breakfast at the very moment."

However, during the very second that the vomit hit the target on the man, the live report froze, leading viewers to believe that a producer quickly shut down the crossover.

But apparently it was all luck! "It was just a technical glitch. And while the anchors tried to regain their composure and go onto the next story. I assumed I was still live.

"So for the better part of the next two minutes, I just kept interviewing drunken people, while sudsy substances flew in the air and landed in my hair.

"Let's say, after that, it was a wrap. I drove home, took a hot shower and a long nap."

We don't blame you girl! Might we suggest a plastic poncho next time?

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