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Woman's Response To A Marriage Proposal Is SO Crazy

The typical marriage proposal is a beautiful thing to watch. The guy will usually get down on one knee, take out a ring box and proceed with a romantic speech before asking the love of his life the all important, "Will you marry me?".

Of course, the way it usually goes then is that the woman gasps in shock, begins to shed some tears of happiness and hopefully replies with a great big YES!

That's the way I'm sure we all hope for a proposal to happen at least, but for some it just doesn't always turn out as planned...such as in the case of this one couple.

Granted, the guy sort of rushed into it all and just went straight to popping the question after quickly kneeling down. We get it, he was probably nervous AF.

But the response from his partner was certainly not the response he would have been hoping for or what any of us were expecting...and we have to say it's actually HILARIOUS.

Now before you go off at us for being heartless because we're sure you're thinking that she must've said no, just go and watch the video (oh yes the glorious moment was caught on camera...thank you smart phones) and just FYI it does have a happy ending eventually.

This bad boy will be coming out at their wedding FOR SURE!

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