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Woman Cooked A Whole Chicken At Her Desk In A Flower Pot

In bizarre news, a video has surfaced on Daily Mail, of a woman in an office environment, cooking an entire roast chicken.

Sounds pretty normal right?

Well, it’s not. The fact is, there isn’t even an oven or a microwave in sight.

The women gets her raw roast chicken, marinades in in salt and soy sauce, used a credit card to slice vegetables (with a plastic bag over her head for the onion, by the way), and stuffs the chicken with them.

Then she covers the whole chicken in foil, grabs a nearby pot plant, removes the plant and some soil makes a mud mixture.

She covers the foil-covered chicken with the mud mixture and places it back in the flower pot.

She then covers it with coal and grabs some nail polish.

The nail polish is poured over the coals and lit on fire.

Then, VOILA! We’re not sure how long it took, but the video shows the chicken being removed from the ashes [mostly] cooked, and she tucks in.

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