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This Supermarket Has Done Something For The First Time

It’s the decision that has got people talking and sparked a debate like nothing we have ever seen before.

UK supermarket Asda has decided to start stocking it’s tomato sauce and ketchup.. in the fridge.

The reasoning behind it? Well, their research has shown that 53% of people prefer their ketchup being stored at a nice chilled temperature.

The debate has blown up because, of course, it has always been stored on the shelves and everyone knows where it is but people are getting angry because the directions on some bottles are clear.

Especially on Heinz bottles, where the advice is to refrigerate after opening and then use within eight weeks.

Asda’s Victoria Williams said 'Tomato ketchup is a staple of many of our customer's weekly shop but a recent debate has prompted us to trial two areas to stock our great value own brand tomato ketchup sauces, so we can end the debate once and for all and give everyone what they want.'

At the moment, the trial is taking place at one store and will be rolled out if successful.

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