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This Netflix User Has Watched ONE Film 352 Times This Year

When a good movie comes out, it’s tempting to chuck it on repeat and watch it till you’re sick of it! Usually you’d get sick of it after a few viewings unless you’re one anonymous Netflix user who has watched the same movie a whopping 352 times this year!

Since December has literally only just started today, this person would’ve had to watch the film more than once per day!

The impressive stat released by Netflix has left many people stumped. What movie is possible that good?

The answer is… Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted!

Netflix are yet to reveal the identity of the user or even a description about them so, I guess we’ll never know whether it’s a kid who’s figured out how to watch the movie numerous times, or if it’s an adult superfan. 

Either way, congratulations to the user for this impressive statistic! 

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