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This Guy Spent The Whole Night In A Floating Zorb Ball

Okay, speaking as someone who spent a whole ten minutes inside one of these massive blow up ball things, I literally have NO idea how this guy lasted a whole night stuck in one.

While it may seem fun at first rolling around on top of the water, it can very quickly become a bit of a nightmare once you get over the initial excitement...

You can easily become very claustrophobic (especially if you start thinking about the possibility of limited air supply), your breath can start to fog up the ball, it's echoey AF, aaaaaand let's just say it's more humid than the bloody Amazonian jungle in there...

But this guy, who I would say is the zorb ball version of Bear Grylls, manages to survive an entire night inside the blow up ball with nothing more than a few emergency supplies.

And it's actually hilarious to watch his journey! Check it out in the video above.

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