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This Guy Lives His Life With A Taxidermied Dog Best Friend

Looking to be creeped out at every possible interval? Good, we’ve got you.

There’s a guy on Instagram with the handle, @mydeaddogandme

Yep - that’s, My Dead Dog and Me.


We were too. It turns out, a guy named Mitch couldn’t bear to part with his beloved pup Pheobe when she passed away - so he decided he wouldn’t.

He turned… or made Pheobe taxidermy, meaning she was ‘stuffed’.

This meant even though she had passed away, she went with him everywhere - and he’s now begun to document their outings together; recently dressing Phoebe up for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

But what do people think?!

One photo in particular had shed light on some of the issues Mitch faces with a taxidermied best friend.

The photo shows Phoebe in the car with the windows up, there’s a note on the window that reads to passersby, ‘Don’t worry, the dog is already dead. She’s taxidermied, please don’t break my window. :)’

Yeah, I don’t know how to react either…

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