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This Girl's Revenge On Her Ex-Boyfriend Has Lasted YEARS

One bloke has well and truly learned how not to treat a woman, admitting that his ex-girlfriend has gotten the ultimate revenge.

Daniel Jones, from Kansas City in the US, revealed the years-long clapback in a Tweet that has since gone viral, clocking up 37,000 likes and close to 10,000 retweets.

"A girl I screwed over once upon a time now gives my number to all the guys she's not interested in at the bars," Jones wrote. "Well played."

Luckily Jones can see the amusing side of the prank and acknowledges that he was in the wrong.

While majority of the comments applauded the anonymous ex's clever tactic, there were plenty of other men piling on Jones for "putting more women up on this".

"Bro, chill out, this is the type of savagery that females don't need to know they can do to us," one guy replied.

Too late.

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