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This Dads Texts After The Kid Vomited In The Car Are Classic

As any parent knows, dealing with small children means that you'll have to deal with all sorts of issues, some of them a bit on the gross side.

Some kids can be a bit 'chucky' and occasionally vomit, and if they do it somewhere inconvenient like whilst you're driving things can get very tricky.

One young father by the name of Ben Patterson found this out recently after his son Declan had a MASSIVE spew all over himself and he pulled over and sent this message to his wife.


While this is a relatively mild problem, things soon escalated when Dan also started vomiting and a woman who saw him instead of offering to help, decided to call the police!


After finally convincing the cops that he was sober Patterson was finally able to continue the nightmare trip home.


What a classic!

No doubt this story will be relived a few times, especially at Declan's 21st!

The Berry

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