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This Couple's "Romantic" Selfie Is So Frickin' Disturbing

Normally when we talk about freaky photos, they're something ghost-related; from the strange "guardian angel" sitting behind the passenger seat of a car to the foreboding hunter standing where no human person physically was, some pictures have a knack for giving us the heebie jeebies.

But this photo? This disturbed us in an entirely new way - and not a spirit in sight.

Nope, this one was a straight-up tech fail thanks to a surprise sneeze and a badly - or perfectly - timed panorama shot.


Reckon she's a Gemini?

After posting the odd shot to image-sharing site Imgur, the photographer was, obviously, inundated with puns about "two-faced women".

Our favourite though? Has to be this one: "Did you put it on paranormal instead of panoramic?"


Well done, internet.

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