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Could Be The Most Awkward Minute Of TV We Have Ever Seen

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage has called Edwina Bartholomew ‘smug’ after the newly engaged presenter suggest a new lover for single Sam.

A segment on last night’s First Dates show aired on the breakfast TV program today, showing contestants Jake and Rebecca bantering with each other in the most down-to-earth date ever.

However, when Bartholomew revealed the pair didn’t get past their second ate, she told Armytage that Jake was still single and that he drove a manual vehicle.

Bartholomew, who got engaged in April, seemed to be playing matchmaker on the show.

“Sam I think Jake could be a manual driver, which I know could be one of your prerequisites,” she said. 

Armytage, 41, said she didn’t want to “cut Rebecca’s grass” before taking a jab at Bartholomew.

“All right, thanks Eddie. God, you’ve already become a ‘smug married’, trying to matchmake,” she said, as the rest of the on-air team burst into laughter.

“You just worry about your own wedding, love.”


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