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These Cheeky Newborn Bubs' Funny Faces Will Make Your Day

Oooooh, how cute are babies? 

From their squishy little faces to their tiny fingers and toes, it's nearly impossible to stay grumpy around an adorable newborn bub.

But baby photos just got even MORE amazing, thanks to these behind-the-scenes, candid camera moments from professional newborn photoshoots.

Shared on Inspired by Colour's Instagram page, we dare you not to have a giggle over these hilariously funny pics that prove that even day-old babies can pull funny faces to beat the bunch.

Our favourite? The tiny tot listening to music for the first time.


H/T CountryLiving

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Gallery: Newborns pulling funny faces
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TOO CUTE! These tiny tots haven't yet mastered the art of the professional photoshoot, but they're certainly delivering the giggles!
That mischievous grin could be dangerous
Us, the first time we heard Taylor Swift's latest album
And us when we found out there'll be no new Taylor Swift music this year
Someone is having NONE of your photographic direction
The face of a bub who knows he can get away with ANYTHING
Looks like someone has been practicing their pout; Victoria Beckham eat your heart out
The face! The headbands! The rolls!
The face of a baby who has a dastardly plan
Yeah, no, we've all been there girl
Cherub. Actual cherub
We don't think we want to know what's going on behind-the-scenes here, actually
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