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The Apps You Need To DELETE To Stop Wasting Phone Battery

Unless you've got a brand new phone, you probably experience the pain of having to charge the device more than once a day...after all it's no secret that your battery life gets worse and worse as time goes on.

Well boy have we got some good news for you! While it's true that sometimes it's the actual battery causing the problems, there are some things that you can do to help save your phone's juice!

Avast has created a list of the apps on our phones that take up the most battery life by running in the background, and a separate list for those that use up the most battery while in use to help us all try to save as much battery life as possible.

The lists are as follows:

10 apps that use the most battery by running automatically in the background:

1. Samsung AllShare

2. Samsung Security Policy Updates

3. Beaming Service for Samsung

4. ChatON Voice and Video Chat

5. Google Maps

6. WhatsApp Messenger

7. Facebook

8. WeChat

9. AppLock

10. DU Battery Saver

10 apps that use the most battery when they're in use:

1. Samsung WatchOn

2. Samsung Video Editor

3. Netflix

4. Spotify Music

5. Snapchat

6. Clean Master

7. LINE: Free Calls and Messages

8. Microsoft Outlook

9. BBC News

10. ES File Explorer File Manager

This study was conducted on Android phones alone which is why Samsung branded applications are included, however, the apps that are available across all devices are said to have a similar effect on other phones too.

And it looks like Facebook is one of the worst offenders, as it not only wastes battery but has also been listed along with Netflix as using the most data traffic, AND is also paired with Spotify Music for using up the most storage on a phone. (Damn you Zuckerberg!)

We're being advised to delete these apps ASAP if we want to start keeping our phone alive for a longer period of time...although some of them are so commonly used we're not sure that this is even possible!

Looks like we'll just carry a portable charger around with us instead...

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