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THEN AND NOW: The Cast Of Party Of Five

Remember Party of Five?

The five Salinger siblings are forced to fend for themselves when both their parents are killed in a car accident.

The show first hit our screens in 1994 and ended up lasting six seasons while launching the careers of some fairly big stars.

See what the cast of ‘Party of Five’ is up to these days in our gallery above!

(Photos FOX / Getty Images)

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Party Of Five
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THEN AND NOW: The Cast Of Party Of Five
THEN: Paula Devicq played Kirsten Bennett Salinger
NOW: Post-’Party of Five,’ Devicq is probably best known for her recurring role as Sondra on ‘Rescue Me.’ In 2012, she had a smart part in the Richard Gere film ‘Arbitrage.’
THEN: Jacob Smith played Owen Salinger
NOW: Smith hasn’t acted since appearing on the TV show ‘Secrets of a Small Town’ in 2006. He used to be in the punk rock band My September Story
THEN: Jeremy London playedd Griffin Holbroke
NOW: He is probably best known these days for a bizarre 2010 incident in which he was kidnapped at gunpoint and “forced” do drugs. (Somebody actually ended up going to jail for doing this to him.)
THEN: Jennifer Love Hewitt played Sarah Reeves
NOW: Love Hewitt stars on the TV series ‘The Client List’ and plays a recurring role on the sitcom ‘Hot In Cleveland.’ Between 2005 and 2010, the TV vet was the lead character on ‘The Ghost Whisperer.’
THEN: Scott Grimes played Will McCorkle
NOW: Grimes’ most famous TV character is probably Dr. Archie Morris on ‘ER.’ Since that show ended in 2009, Grimes has popped up on ‘Dexter’ and ‘NCIS’ and does voices for ‘Family Guy’ and ‘American Dad.’
NOW: Although Chabert had a run of mid-decade big screen success with films like ‘Mean Girls’ (she was so “fetch”) and ‘Dirty Deeds,’ these days she is primarily a TV voice actress on shows such as 'Family Guy'
THEN: Neve Campbell played Julia Salinger
THEN: Lacey Chabert played Claudia Salinger
NOW: The Canadian actress was last seen guest-starring on ‘Grey’s Anatomy. She also starred in Charmed
THEN: Scott Wolf played Bailey Salinger
NOW: Wolf has been a fairly steady presence on TV since Party of Five
THEN: Matthew Fox played Charlie Salinger
NOW: Fox went on to even greater TV fame by playing Jack Shepard for six seasons on ‘Lost.’ After that popular drama ended in 2010, Fox declared that he was done with television
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