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The Woolworths Email That Is Leaving Customers Furious

Kids who are collecting Woolworths Marvel discs may be disappointed this weekend, as it looks like Woolworths are about to run out.

While the promotion is due to finish on May 30, one Sydney mum has told, that her delivery has already been cancelled.

“They’ve loved playing with the disks, and although they’re too young to really understand wanting the whole collection, they’ve enjoyed connecting them together”,

The disappointed mum then said she was disappointed to receive the below email;


“I thought I would do one last big shop and try and get as many disks as possible. I deliberately purchased items with the ‘bonus disk’ symbol, and was promised 19 disks at the end of my shop”.

“I know it’s just a bit of fun, and really, there are bigger problems in the world, but if you’ve ever tried using logic to negotiate with toddlers, you would know it’s bloody hard to explain why they aren’t getting the thing they want.”

A Woolworths spokeswoman told “The Marvel Heroes promotion has proved incredibly popular with customers since its launch on 19 April. With only six days to go and while stocks last, we encourage customers to visit local stores to complete their collection.

“For any customers with concerns about online purchases in relation to the Marvel Heroes campaign please contact our consumer care line on 1800 000 610 where we will be able to investigate further.”

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