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Prince Harry & Meghan Caught Goofing Around Off Camera

If you watched the first interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, you’d be forgiven for thinking their relationship was loved-up, but extremely proper.

Each answer was perfect, articulated brilliantly, it was almost as if they were a little rehearsed, but we’re reminded that it’s just their training. Now, prior unseen footage of the breaks in-between the interview questions have shown an adorable, goofy side of the pair.

The side you imagine would be on show full time when it was just the two of them tucked away in their cosy little cottage.


Meghan is seen putting her chin in her hands and gazing up at her Prince, while he can’t help but smile back at her.

Likewise their gestures are far more playful than we saw in the initial cut - and as a result we’re even more in love than we were 24 hours ago.

The mics were turned off during the break, but expert lip reader Tina Lannin has revealed some of what was said in those relaxed moments.

It all happened when Prince Harry brought up the fact that Meghan was interrupting him.


While he is believed to be describing their safari in Botswana last year Meghan cuts across the prince and says: 'It was 5 days, yeah'.

Showing their relaxed relationship Harry then tells her: 'She wants me to say something' and saying 'Goddammit' while slapping his leg in faux outrage. After apologising Meghan barks jokingly: 'Do it again!'.

In another more tender moment, Harry describes the moment they both knew it was the real deal.

Miss Markle said: 'Six months. We both knew.'

Before Harry added: 'The relationship there, we both knew there was something there that was solid, so solid, so powerful. We were willing to have a go.'

Source: Daily Mail

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