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The Two Most Popular Baby Names Of 2017 Are Here

The last ten years has seen celebrities concoct some very interesting monikers for their offspring. 

Blue, Apple, Sir, North...

But it seems us regular folk still like to fall back on the classics. 

While Charlotte has long reigned as the most popular girls name, it has been knocked off its perch this year. 

Emma is reportedly the most popular name of 2017 for girls. 

It has been paired with Liam for boys. 

Very sensible, traditional names. 

Olivia, Ava, Sophia and Isabella round out the top five girls names for 2017. 

For boys there are similarly 'normal' names at the top of the list - although perhaps not quite as traditional as the girls. 

Noah, Logan, Lucas and Mason. 

But don't fear, Oliver, Aiden and James all feature in the top ten. 

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