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Truth About Mum Who 'Pierced' Her Baby's Cheek

A woman he been labelled a 'bad mum' after posting a photo of her baby online sporting what appears to be a dimple piercing.

Enedina Vance was inundated with hate mail after the picture went viral. The only problem is the picture is fake.

The mum-of-six revealed she had photoshopped the picture to send a message to other parents about her stance on body modification. 

Despite hashtagging the picture #sarcasm many missed the point, threatening to call child protection. Ms Vance told Yahoo Beauty she was shocked how many people actually believe the photo was real.

“So many people are outraged at the thought of piercing my baby at such a young age, without her consent, and against her will. Yet, they don’t understand how other body mutilations, alterations, and modifications are the exact same thing for the exact same reason: aesthetic purposes.”

The mum became an activist against body alterations in children when she was pregnant for the first time. 

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