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The Spooky Haunted NSW Train Tunnel You NEED To Go Explore

Image via Instagram

If scary movies just don't do it for you, it's probably time to take your love of the paranormal to the next level.

Which is where the spooky Helensburgh Tunnels come in; the abandoned train tracks have been left to grow over and, while breathtakingly beautiful, are said to be haunted by the ghosts of a number of people killed there over the years.

The first recorded death appears to be that of Robert Hales, a coal miner who was cut in half by a steam train while walking home through the tunnel in 1895.

Legend has it that Hales' ghost still haunts the tracks and can be seen running through the darkness - as if trying to escape something.

Less than 20 years later, John Joseph McNamara was on a train home from the races in Sydney where he's said to have won a tidy sum on the horses.

But he never made it home - and, the next day, his battered body was found in the Otford Tunnel, bloodied and bruised.

The tunnel was closed in 1920 and was used for a time as a mushroom farm but it now lies abandoned, lit only by thousands of glow worms who hang from the ceilings.

Bushwalkers who brave the area return with stories of ghostly figures or icy cold hands running along their necks.

You too can explore, if you dare; the Helensburgh Tunnels lie just an hour south of Sydney and can be accessed through the Royal National Park.

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