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The Reason Women Find Men More Attractive If They're TAKEN

Ever noticed that you always want what you can't have?

If you find yourself attracted to people who aren't even single, new research indicates that it's perfectly normal. 

Scientists suggest that men appear more attractive to a women if they appear popular with other women. It's believed that men who are already taken are viewed as more faithful and loving; qualities that are attractive to single chicks. 

Dr Catharine Cross, from the University of St Andrews, said "Previous studies have suggested women choose men preferred by other women, because if these men are already in a relationship they are likely to have good qualities like kindness, which can't be judged by appearance."

Humans aren't the only ones to lust for men that are already taken - apparently this trait is also common among birds and fish.

"We see in some species of bird and fish that many females choose to mate with the same male, so it's been suggested that women copy each other's mating choices too," Dr Cross said. 

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