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The Moment On The Block That Has Left People Stunned

It’s only two weeks into the block and already tensions have left hit the roof.

On Wednesday’s show, Elyse Knowles’ tradie boyfriend Josh Barker lost his cool and threw furniture out of their house, while Georgia had a go at judge Shelley Craft.

Josh’s temper flared when he couldn’t find clout for his tiler which Elyse said had been delivered, with her remarking 'He can get a little cranky and then it kind of turns on us and our room as well.'

Josh called Elyse - who was off site - to find out where the grout is. 

Instead of answering, Elyse hung up the phone because she was in a bad mood.

'Elyse is in a great mood this morning, she may have got out on the wrong side of the bed today,' Josh said to camera

It’s all going nuts already.

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