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'The Block' Incident That Has Fans Wanting A Couple To Quit

The Block is Australia’s biggest show at the moment and fans were left shocked by Dan’s attitude in last night's episode.

With Dan working on his plumbing, he was holding up Karlie and Will’s progress in their apartment as it took too long.

The response from Will was to secure his ceiling and therefore block Dan from his newly laid pipes.

This, of course, lead to huge problems for Dan and Carlene, who need their plumbing sorted but instead of discussing it nicely, Dan decided to go in all guns blazing.

It leads to Karlie confronting Dan about the issue, with him not exactly being nice about the situation, he said ‘’this has not disrupted you guys at all.’’

Karl responded saying ‘’it is disrupting us right now. Every room that has to be plumbed is costing us money.’’

Not taking that response Dan said ‘’so work it out, that’s life, Carly. You don’t go and think about yourself and nobody else.’’

This wasn’t the issue with the situation at all, it was his off-camera comment, where he said he felt ‘’sorry for Carly’’ as she had to fight ‘’Will’s battles.’

Fans of the show have been saying since the start of the season that Dan has an ‘old school attitude’ but last night they were left shocked that he thought men and women were not equal in the build of their apartments.

The Block continues on Channel 9, tonight at 7:30 PM.

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