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The Euthanasia Video So Horrific People Can't Get Through

WARNING: The following content may be distressing to some

A new short film showing the agonising final days of a man dying from cancer has been labelled so graphic as to be unwatchable.

Stop the Horror is a pro-euthanasia film and follows the story of 56-year-old Greg Sims, who sadly died of brain cancer in 2005.

The five-minute short pulls no punches, documenting the incredible pain Mr Sims endures as he comes to the end of his life; in one scene, he suffers a convulsing fit so hard he is thrown from his hospital bed.

The film was directed by Justin Kurzel and has been released by right-to-die organisation Go Gentle Australia.

"Make no mistake - the story of Greg Sims is real," campaign director Paul Price said.

"It is really only for a small proportion of terminally ill people but the pain and suffering that Greg - and his family - endured exists and will continue to exist unless there are other choices at the end of life."

You can watch a short clip of Stop the Horror below but please be warned that the content is extremely distressing. 

The full video can also be seen here.

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