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The Best Way To Sign Off An Email According to Science

Have you ever reached the end of a personal or professional email and thought, 'what on earth do I write next'? Well you're not alone.

The list of potential 'sign-offs' are endless, yet there is never really one that encapsulates the exact tone of the email. But does it even matter?

The answer, according to polite society, is yes.

Technology company Boomerang has done the research for you, studying 350,000 emails in relation to people's sign-offs and their response rates.

From the survey conducted, the most popular closing sentences are: 

1. Thanks
2. Regards
3. Cheers
4. Best regards
5. Thanks in advance
7. Best
8. Kind regards

Boomerang then compared the most popular email closers to find how likely they were to get a response.

In short, it pays to be nice and gratuitous. The research found that any variation of “thank you” is your best bet.

Boomerang says that the reader is “being thanked specifically for a response which has yet to be written,” therefore asking the email recipient to respond.

Well there you have it. Thanks in advance for reading!

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