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The Banana Splits Are Coming Back!

Tra la la, la la la la!

The classic kids’ TV series The Banana Splits is the latest show set to be rebooted, but in a totally bizarre format!

You might remember the slightly psychedelic show featuring Bingo, Fleegle, Drooper and Snorky who rocked out as a band when they weren't hooning around in dune buggies.

Incredibly The Banana Splits Adventure Hour variety program only ran for two seasons, but has been a cult faveroute ever since.

Now it's been announced that they will be revived for a new movie by Warner Bros.

But in a twist, the new flick will be a horror film!

A press release states:

“In the upcoming horror thriller, a boy named Harley and his family attend a taping of The Banana Splits TV show, which is supposed to be a fun-filled birthday for young Harley and business as usual for Rebecca, the producer of the series. But things take an unexpected turn — and the body count quickly rises. Can Harley, his mom and their new pals safely escape?”

The characters were created by the Krofft Brothers for Hanna-Barbera, which produced just 31 episodes as a mix of live-action and cartoons where it screened in Australia on ABC.

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