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Survey Says Parents Actually DO Have A Favourite Child

If you’ve got siblings no doubt you’ve gone through the argument over and over again about who is your parent’s favourite child. Brothers and sisters can be super competitive that way.

Of course, parents will typically avoid the question saying that they love all of their children equally, but a new survey has revealed that one quarter of parents actually DO have a favourite child!

That’s right, about 25% of parents have admitted to liking one of their children more than the others!

Now of course we don’t want you and your siblings to start arguing again now that you know your parents may prefer one of you, so we’ll let you in on who is most likely to be the favourite.

According to the survey, over half of parents, around 56%, admitted that the youngest sibling and the baby of the family is the favourite child!

The study also gave proof to the fact that middle child syndrome exists with 26% of parents saying the oldest child is their favourite while only 18% chose the middle child.

The reason behind the parent’s choice of favourite child typically has to do with the amount that a child makes them laugh but the amount that the child reminds them of themselves can also be a contributing factor.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news to anyone that isn’t the youngest child, and for those that are, congratulations on officially winning this sibling rivalry.

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