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Sunrise SLAMMED After Awkward Interview Goes Down Hill

Social media users have slammed Sunrise after a reporter joked about a hero having a criminal history before suggested he expected a rare for chasing down a man who damaged his friends fish and chip shop.

Daniel McConnell went viral following a story about mateship and community spirit on The Today Show on Thursday.

The internet was quick to call him a hero after he chased down a car, in nothing but his undies, after a man lost control and damaged a local corner shop in Brisbane.

However, social media users picked up on McConnell’s change in demeanour when Sunrise reporter Michelle Tapper suggested that the Aussie had a crime and expected a reward for his good deed.

Now, I am not going to ask you if you've committed any crimes,' Ms Tapper said to Mr McConnell's disbelief.

But are you expecting a reward for your amazing neighbourhood watch work here this morning?' the reporter added.

The hero's face instantly dropped, but he hit back saying he had already received the only reward he expected. 

'Yeah, a handshake from my mate and I got it this morning.' 

Mr McConnell then corrected Ms Tapper when she said he had been given a cup of coffee from the damaged shop to thank him for his efforts.

'You got a handshake and a cup of coffee because the shop is still operating isn't it?' Ms Tapper asked.
'Ahh, no not at the moment,' he said looking at the extensive damage. 

'The coffee has all come from my house. I made everyone a coffee this morning,' he added.

Social media instantly erupted with criticism with one user saying Won't ask if you've committed any crimes! Are u for real Sunrise? You just rained on his parade. He's a hero, and you just mocked him!'

Another said 'Hope you're proud of yourself Tapper for mocking this guy based purely on his appearance... At least The Today show granted him dignity in their interview with him. Shame on you!' 

Sunrise airs on Channel 7, weekdays from 5:30 AM.

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