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Starsky & Hutch Stars Reunite

They spent the 70s solving crimes as the coolest cops in town while cruising in their awesome red Ford Gran Torino, and now 40 years later, Starsky & Hutch stars Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul have reunited.

Glaser gave his former co-star Soul a hand by pushing his wheelchair into the Liverpool Comic Con convention centre recently.


The bond between the two 73 year olds was evident with David telling the audience:

'One thing that's great is that three of us have remained really good friends and that's very rare and I'm really grateful for that,'

'It's very rare to find a relationship like what we had on that show that comes from the heart.'


The hit show ran over four years between 1974 to 1979, filming a total of 92 episodes

Paul Michael told the audiences why he thinks the show is still popular:

'Clearly even today, there's something that resonates with people when they get a chance to experience a relationship between people that has some depth to it' 

Daily Mail

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