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Spoilt Brats Can "Let It Go", Disney Is Reclaiming The Word

By Isabella Lovric

Disney Australia is launching a campaign today to reinvent the term “princess”.

Parents of little girls, who wear Belle dresses and have bought more tiara's that they can count know the obsession.

Research conducted by Disney Australia revealed that most children aged four to six-year-olds still love to dress up as their favourite Disney characters, calling themselves a “princess”.

Parents have even admitted that they have used the term “princess” negatively when their child has been acting “bratty”. 

“Across generations, Disney princesses have been ­portrayed as resilient, strong, optimistic and kind,” Kylie Watson-Wheeler, the chief executive of Disney Australia said.

“We want to empower young girls and boys to again embrace the inspiring qualities of princesses and admire the strong character traits of modern characters such as Anna, Belle and Moana to help re-frame the discussion.”

Disney wants to change the perception of the word “princess” and make the term uplifting and inspirational again.

Brisbane psychologist Dr Judith Locke told The Courier Mail that it was good for small children to dress up and use their imagination as it helped promote development.

“It is a shame the word princess has been linked with bratty, spoilt behaviour because real princesses in the modern world are hard-working, strong, independent women,” Dr Locke said.

“Things are changing and it is good that Disney women are portrayed as capable and courageous. Kids don’t want to see them as weak damsels in distress, relying on being beautiful and having expensive gowns.”


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