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Shocking Revelations About Gordon Ramsey's Family

Gordon Ramsay’s father-in-law has been jailed for six months for conspiring to hack a computer system that related to the celebrity chef’s business interests.

Christopher Hutcheson, 68, and his sons Adam, 46, and Christopher, 37, admitted plotting to unlawfully access Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited's system.

The two younger men were both given four month jail terms, suspended for two years, at the Old Bailey.

The judge described the plot as "unattractive and unedifying".

The court heard that Hutcheson senior was involved with a pubic fall out with Mr Ramsey during which he tried to break into the chef’s email to try and find financial details.

However, other personal information was found and stores about a ‘hair transplant’ and a ‘fishing trip’ then appears in national newspapers.

After their actions were discovered, Hutcheson senior sent an email to his son saying: "Guess we have been rumbled. Bit late though."

Prosecutor Julian Christopher QC told the court the hack was intended "to obtain material that might embarrass Mr Ramsay or be useful in the ongoing dispute with him".

He said items including photos were "provided to the press which led to considerable intrusion into the privacy of the family".

Neither Gordon Ramsay or his wife Tana were in court to hear the sentencing.

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