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Samuel Johnson Finds Note From Connie After Her Passing

While saying he “doesn’t believe in signs” from loved ones who’ve passed on, Samuel Johnson has revealed he found a note to him from his late sister Connie two weeks after her passing.

The Gold Logie winning actor has penned an article for Mamamia where he says that after going through the emotional roller coaster of dealing with Connie's passing and the ensuing memorial service, as well as continuing to campaign for Love Your Sister, he finally took some time out.

“[There was] not a moment for grief. Not while Connie’s symphony remained incomplete.”

He then tried to take some time out and make sense of what he had just experienced.

“Foggy days of endless clothes-washing cycles after a month of not being home, long sleeps in ignorance of night or day, s**tty excuses for meals and blind stumbles to and from the toilet, f**k the air freshener, citrus whatever."

“No sense of time. Not much sense of place. Still mostly too numb to feel much. A listless haze after six years of solid focus”

After five days, Johnson said, he decided to take a bath and decided to pick up a book, any book, to help take his mind off things.

“I had so many choices. So many books waiting for ‘when I find the time’ (cough), and I reach for ‘Smarter, Faster, Better’.

“I’m not sure why. I run my bath, pour in ridiculous amounts of bath salts, slide in and I open up my book.”

Then, inside the book he found a hand written note from Connie.

“Connie gave the book to me as a gift. She’d written me a message on the inside cover. It was the first book I reached for after she died.”

Connie wrote this message to Samuel in July 2016.

“This jumped off the shelf into my hands today,” 

“Hopefully, it will help us get through the enormous transition our charity is undertaking this year."

“We can do it. We will do it. Loads of love. Con xx.”

While Samuel doesn't think the note is a “kiss from the grave” he thinks if there was a message it is to continue on their work.

“Connie’s anything but gone. Both to me or our cause. “Beyond my ‘beyond the grave’ wafflings however, lies the actual moral of the story. Go read a f**king book. They’re wonderful. Connie and I always thought so."

“And find a bath if you can.”

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